About Sister District Project

How did a minority party take over the states? By focusing on state legislative races far more than Democrats, Republicans have won control of state legislatures and have then retained control by creating district voting maps which maximize the power of Republicans' votes and minimize then power of Democrats' votes;  this is called gerrymandering. To regain long term control of the House of Representatives and the states, Democrats need to take back control of state legislatures, so Democrats can draw new state district maps after the 2020 census, which maps will remain in place for 10 years.

Sister District is a nationwide effort to harness the energy and creativity of volunteer women and men to help regain Democratic control of the states and the House of Representatives. On the heels of resounding victories by our candidates in Virginia and Florida, we aim to continue flipping red seats blue in 2019 and beyond.

Sister District's selects and supports candidates in strategic, winnable state legislative races, pairing each candidate with chapters whose members provide voter outreach and fundraising.

Click here to read more about how state legislatures determine if we have fair or disproportionate representation of voters in this country.

Click here to learn more about Sister District's mission, organization, and effectiveness (14 of the 15 candidates we supported in elections last year won.)

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