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Paella Dinner Poolside

Join Us and Help Make a Decisive Difference in Pennsylvania and enjoy an unforgettable Spanish dinner in an elegant poolside setting

With special guests Claudette Williams, candidate for Pennsylvania House, District 176 and Rita Bosworth, Founder and Executive Director of Sister District

After taking over 70% of the vote in the Democratic primary, Claudette Williams is poised to make a difference in one of the most radically gerrymandered states in our country. Pennsylvania is a "purple state", which historically votes Democratic statewide (including Governor,  U.S. Senate and every Presidential election since 1988 until Trump won by 7/10ths of 1% - just 70,000 votes). Republicans control 34 of 50 House Senate seats and 119 of 203 State House seats, and Democrats hold just 6 of Pennsylvania's 18 seats in Congress.

Help Claudette Williams flip one of the 20 House seats needed to ensure that Pennsylvania's state legislative district map drawn after the 2020 census fairly represents Democrats.

$50/person donation suggested via ActBlue prior to the event is preferred. Donations by check can be made at the event. No cash can be accepted.

*The address of the event will be sent to rsvp's a few days before the event.


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