Join us for appetizers and drinks, meet Shelly Simonds in person, and listen to her give us an insider's update on her race for the Virginia House of Delegates Dist. 94 seat.



Brats, Brews and Boogie Party - September 8

This promises to be a great evening! BBQ, beer, music and dancing - what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?



Sister District CA Peninsula is the Sister District chapter for members living in the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula region (though we welcome everyone interested in joining us). We are a very active group, with events every month, so we welcome you to become active with us!

We created Sister District as a grassroots organization in response to the 2016 elections and their alarming consequences. Democrats are the majority of Americans but Republicans - a minority party - control two of the three branches of our federal government and 30 of our 50 state legislatures. Our mission is to help Democrats regain control of state legislatures. By doing so, we can reverse gerrymandering and ensure Democrats are fairly represented so that progressive policies can be implemented.

Chapters work as teams directly for their assigned candidates, doing the fundraising and voter outreach the candidate needs and specifies. We become part of the candidate's volunteer team. This close connection is felt on both sides: as volunteers we feel a personal loyalty to and investment in our candidate, and our candidates can (and do) communicate their gratitude for our contribution. In fact both candidates Sister District CA Peninsula supported in 2017 in Virginia have traveled to California after being elected, to personally tell members of Sister District CA Peninsula how important our contribution was to their success.


Here's how:

1. Go to sisterdistrict.com and click the button for "Get Started". Sign up by providing your name and email address and, if you live on the Peninsula, your name will be forwarded to Sister District CA Peninsula, and we'll add you to our email list.

2. Come to one of our Sister District CA Peninsula monthly meetings, which are held every second Thursday of the month at 7:00-8:30pm at the Highlands Recreation Center, 1851 Lexington Ave, San Mateo. Check out our upcoming events are at the top of this page, or see all events on the Calendar.

3. Check out our Calendar above for specific dates, information and links, and to rsvp for all of our meetings, and voter outreach and fund raising events.

4. Sign up to attend one (or several) of our voter outreach or fundraising events - and bring your friends, we always are welcoming new members! Upcoming events are at the top of this page, all events are found on the Calendar.

5. You can also find more information about our chapter and the many ways you can participate here on our website, as well as on our Facebook page, via Twitter, and Instagram.

Want more inspiration? Read this article by the Founder and Executive Director of Sister District Project, Rita Bosworth To the Future in the Distance, Give Yourselves.

Would you like to help with a fundraiser, phonebank, or postcard party? E-mail Catherine, Terri, or Maureen for details.